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02-Nov-2017 to 19-Nov-2017


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Ally McIntyre returns to London shores with ‘Decaf Honey’, marking a new departure in the young artists work. After two sell-out solo shows with Jealous, Ally returns to Jealous East with a new body of work.

“I have a neglected spider plant in the studio that has survived with little water, under fluorescent lighting for months. I understand this natural phenomenon makes rational sense, but to me the spider plant thriving in a hostile environment became a strange testament to resiliency. I mindlessly and cathartically began to paint the spider plant and took delight in the exercise of painting this subject. That was the conception of my upcoming show ‘Decaf Honey’. The body of work that succeeded is about how all things grow; examining the strength that lies in resiliency and determinism. In the pinnacle of destruction and despair, resiliency is hope, and without hope there is death. The plant and its ability to transcend garbage circumstances and adapt and grow despite these hang ups becomes an emblem for human’s resilient nature and heart.

This new series is a departure from my older work as it has a main preoccupation with still life and observational study. Exploring the botanical realm, I am able to conceptualize this resiliency and play with genre to generate obstacles and opportunity for growth to occur on the canvas. The process is intuitive and begins with the rendering of a plant and eventually leads to destruction, or deviation from the subject, going back and forth until it reaches a harmony. This process mimics the experience of growth, by responding and adapting to the marks that are laid down and which challenge its assumed path; despite external factors, manipulation and environment, the plants still grow and continue to exist. The plant becomes a silent but admirable subject existing symbiotically with humans, sustaining us, as we sustain them, without them we die.” – Ally McIntyre



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