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24-Nov-2016 to 27-Nov-2016


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Jealous are thrilled to be hosting a solo show by London based artist Hayden Kays, an exclusive 4 day pop-up in collaboration with Cob Gallery. The show will reveal brand new print editions as well as some of the incredible works created in the Jealous Print Studio by Hayden, including his iconic piece 'This is Not a Brillo Box', the artists take on the Warhol Brillo Box sculptures.

Join Us for the PRIVATE VIEW:
24TH NOVEMBER 6:00 - 8:30PM

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”

- Andy Warhol -



This November, Hayden Kays presents a solo exhibition in collaboration with Cob Gallery and Jealous.

This Is Not A Brillo Box, features 13 new original works by the British artist.

Following the success of the first collaboration between Kays, Cob and Jealous last year - the release of a special edition of Kays’s Warhol-inspired Brillo Box sculpture - we are excited to present the latest manifestation of the theme.

Kays is a painter, sculptor and printmaker whose work straddles an impossible boundary between street art and traditional visual culture. He has situated himself as an involved, sometimes complicit, commentator on capitalist culture, rather than as an aloof critic of an omnipotent system.

The new works continue to demonstrate Kays’s fascination with Andy Warhol, and are heavily influenced by the latter’s silkscreen glitter prints. A series of 13 works, in the full spectrum of colours, will include materials such a diamond and gun powder created by the artist in the Jealous Print Studio.

For the past few years, Kays has developed into one of the most sought-after and respected young British artists working today. Artworks from his original series of This Is Not A Brillo Box are in notable collections, including the counterculture curator James Birch and YBA artist Jake Chapman.

Following an art swap with Jake Chapman, the Financial Times quoted the YBA describing Kays as,

“acerbic, witty, shallow and subversive… quite brilliant.”

As well as admirers within the art world, Kays counts individuals such as Jude Law, Douglas Booth and Harry Styles as avid fans and collectors of his work with the latter owning over 20 artworks.

Click here to download Hayden's full list of works from the show (PDF)


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